Customized brain organoid service

Whether you want to explore drug efficacy or safety with unprecedented relevance, we pave the way for you to de-risk your asset and move forward with the most effective candidates.

Limitations of traditional approaches in preclinical testing

94% drug candidates

in neuroscience fail in clinical trials.

2D cell cultures

do not provide the organ architecture and microenvironment.

Animal models

lack the human brain cell types and cellular pathways.

Benefits of using the BrainZell platform

Accelerate the journey from laboratory insights to effective drug candidates.

Detect early Neurological Risks

Identify potential off-targets and side effects during target validation, lead optimization and preclinical research.

Test Neural Activity
and Potency

Assess spontaneous calcium-related neural activity and viability with a battery of our live assays.

Improve Clinical Relevance

Test gender-related specifics with organoids from relevant donors. Tailor treatments including repeated exposures.

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